The journey to going iPad only

Let's make the Switch to iPad, together

Welcome to Switch to iPad by me, Thord D. Hedengren. I’m an author and columnist. I do digital strategy things, and develop crazy patterns.

Switch to iPad is a journey to going iPad only. That is to say, getting rid of all those pesky (I kid!) Macs and PCs, and relying on the magic piece of glass that is the iPad as my primary (big) computing device. Together we’ll figure out how to work from an iPad, try out all the gadgets that help us along the way, and find the best apps and methods for a better computing life.

I’m getting things set up here right now, and expect to launch with the first letter to subscribers in early August, but by all means subscribe now!

Switch to iPad has a premium tier for those of you who want to support this publication. You can support my writing, and get more content, by subscribing. It’s $5/month or $50/year – pretty standard for newsletters these days. There’s also a Founding Member tier which’ll get you a ridiculous amount of gratitude, call out, and a link from my site.

I’ll speak to y’all soon. In the meantime, tell your friends and do pop by my site,, and follow me on Twitter (@tdh) and Instagram (@tdhftw) for more somewhat related things.

Thank you all!