It’s oh so quiet 😶

This is what we published on Switch to iPad this week


There were no updates on the Switch to iPad site this week. I’ve been struggling with a nasty cold, and had a really rough week, so other than a post announcing the 71st issue of the newsletter (which went out on Thursday — sorry about the delay), we haven’t published anything.

We do have our very first weekly sponsor, though, which is the excellent Focused Work app.


Focused Work is a flexible & versatile Focus Timer for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, that helps you stay productive and avoid burnout.

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This is what we published this week

📧 Switch to iPad #72 discusses paid subscriptions as a business model. This issue is for paying subscribers, so do consider a subscription if you haven’t already. There’s a free trial too.

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That’s it for this week. Paying subscribers will get a new issue of the Switch to iPad newsletter on Wednesday. It’s all about how to set up an iPad for a child, something I did recently.

Thanks for reading!

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