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I hope you’ve had a good week. Mine’s been hectic, but under control. I’m starting a new course for an upcoming project today, so when you’re getting this, I’m probably tasting wine (and spitting it out). Every other Sunday, and every other Monday is dedicated to this project for the rest of the year, so it’s going to be pretty tricky making everything fit together. That said, this week saw two original posts, as well as the weekly Switch to iPad issue, so chances are I’ve found a balance. Fingers crossed, eh?

Here’s what was published on this week.

👴 iPadOS 15.1 brings back old Safari (almost), which is almost as big of a back-pedalling from Apple as the new MacBooks…

🧲 This magnetic stand actually makes sense — Reviewing the MagFit Magnetic Stand. I’ve got so many accessories and gadgets in the office, you can expect more reviews in the future. I mean, if that’s what you like?

📧 Switch to iPad #69 dives into Safari extensions. There are a few I really like in there too. This issue is for paying subscribers, so do consider a subscription if you haven’t already. There’s a free trial too.

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