So, which iPad did you get, and why was it the iPad mini? 🤑

This is what we published this week


Friday saw two new iPads hit the streets, or rather, a lucky fews’s homes. I’ve been enjoying the new iPad mini this weekend, so look for a review next week. I’ve also got the new standard iPad, so I’ll write about that too. But that’s next week, here’s what was published on this week.

🪟 Want more icons on your homescreen? Don’t add widgets… There’s been some controversy regarding this, not totally warranted, in my opinion.

📧 Switch to iPad #64 questions the value of an external monitor, something I rarely recommend, but still use myself. Wait, what?

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That’s it for this week. Next week’s newsletter is due on Wednesday, as usual. And again, look for iPad and iPad mini reviews on the site during the week.

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