The week of the mini ⭐️

This is what we published this week


I hope you’ve had a good week. Mine has been with the new iPad mini at my side most of the time. I like it a lot, and my review holds up, as expected. I’m going to have to put it aside, though because it’s time to dive deep into the new regular iPad. More on that next week, here’s what was published on this week.

⭐️ iPad mini, 6th generation — a review is some 1,500 words on the new iPad mini. Spoiler: It’s damn good.

🤳🏻 How to get Instagram on your iPad tells you how to do just that because Instagram famously have no iPad app.

📧 Switch to iPad #65 introduces the portable iPad mini typewriter kit. Be sure to check it out. It requires a paid subscription to the newsletter ($5/month or $50/year), do consider subscribing. There’s a free trial if you’re on the fence. Thank you!

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That’s it for this week. Next week’s newsletter is due on Wednesday, as usual. There’ll also be an iPad review sometime during the week, on the site, that is.

Thanks for reading!

Thord D. Hedengren ⚡️